Tinder is one of the first used dating application for mobile over the world. It was released 7 years earlier than we are writing this article. Tinder is the most popular and successful of all time dating app for several reasons. Initially free to use for everyone with an user interface easy to use and very intuitive, Tinder quickly took a huge place inside the world of online dating. Indeed, after a couple of years only, the red flame manages to stand out from its competitors of the moment like lovoo or even match.com.

why tinder so popular

It cames at the right time

2012 was a fabulous year for internet applications and more espacially mobile applications. Social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, or even Pinterest were in full expansion. The whole world was only waiting for the arrival of tinder to be able to meet each other. Actually, there was already some websites that already offered these services. But Tinder was the first mobile dedicated application. Moreover it uses Facebook account to login and import content. What could be easier than having a complete profile ready to use right from the first connection. And the swipe concept has been very much appreciated by these users. So, this dating application has became viral after few years only. And today this is more than 10M of people who are using Tinder daily.

Tinder became popular thanks to the people’s psychology

But why dating applications, and more especially Tinder is so popular in our society? To begin with, we can say that today people are looking for a lot of social appreciation. In our time, being loved, becoming rich and famous are practices that are more than ever broadcast on television or on the Internet. This shows for our teens a terrible example. This pushes them to become popular and loved at any cost. In addition to the desire of the other also with the fear of being alone, all of this makes people want to meet even more people. And Tinder is the perfect application to have this kind of interaction social.

Evolutionary psychology

Add all we say with a little of evolutionnary psychology and you will understand why Tinder is so popular. Indeed, in the world of dating, you need to take consideration with parental investment.

Back in years, women have to invest more of themself inside a relationship. As, this is them who get pregnant they are a lot more “selective” when it comes to find a partner. So there are looking for great genes, face symetry, wealth even height and other selective discrimination. Women has also to multiply their partner to get all chances to have children who survive. Of course, Tinder meets these requirements exactly.

As men are more free when it comes to parental investment, they only aim is to have the maximum of descendants. So, considering at short-term, Men will just have to find a large number of women to reproduce and make lowest investment as possible. Since men naturally have less parental involvement, they had to meet more women to be sure they had healthy children. In the short term, this means that men are less demanding than women for temporary relationships.

This section talk only about historically psychology and apply for short-term relation only.

Tinder features that make people addicted

get a match

Adding functionnality with Tinder Plus

Over the years, many features has been added to Tinder. Initially everything was free to use, with all the same features for every users. But, 4 years after it was launch, Tinder try to implement features. That’s when Super Likes have seen the light. They came with the first paid version we know as Tinder Plus. A year later, in 2016 a new Boost functionality¬†also came, with the aim to make a profile more visible in an area for a limited time. The Boost was quickly integrate inside the Tinder Plus Version which allows users to have one Boost a month. Moreover, Tinder Plus members have other advantages as unlimited likes, ability to rewind your last swipe, more Super Likes everyday, etc…

The released of Tinder Gold

More recently, a new subscription was added to the Plus version. So it was in 2017 that a new feature that would change the way this application was used was released. Of course we are talking about the Tinder Gold subscription and its incredible advantage of being able to see if other users have already liked them before swipping them. With Tinder Gold, you also have access to your Top Picks on daily basis. Instead of the single Top Pick per day that regular user have. Top Picks is in reality a list of users who have potentially a high chance to match with you. When you have the gold subscription, you also benefit of all Tinder Plus features.

All of these functionalities make Tinder a very powerfull tool if you want to meet someone. Perhaps you have to pay a bit to increase your chance of meeting someone that corresponds to you. But it worth the price if you are looking for one-night meeting or short-term relasionships.

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